The Reiteralm

Passing the Lourdes Chapel in Forstau, you hike up the Oberbergweg and then turn into the Buckelwald forest to the Eiskarhütte and on to the Gasselhöhhütte. The first summit of this tour is reached on the Gasselhöhe (2,001 m). After a ridge hike of about 2 km, the destination of the hike, the Rippetegg (2,126m) is reached. If you choose the route over the Spiegelsee for the descent, you can marvel at impressive mountain reflections. Hiking time approx. 6 hours.

Hiking trail to the Fageralmen

From the center of Forstau, hike about 500 m along the main road in the direction of Radstadt and turn south into the Rotenloch forest road before the so-called Schreinbach bridge. On this, the trail leads slightly uphill through the Heideggwald forest and over damp forest floors on a short forest trail into open alpine pasture area - the Vorderfager - and to the Lechnerhütte (1,610m). From there you can continue hiking either along the road or along the hiking trail to the Trinkeralm mountain inn (1,885m) and enjoy the magnificent mountain panorama of the Dachstein massif. 

From the Trinkeralm there are still a variety of easy hikes in pristine mountain scenery, such as the Trinkeralm circular trail, which takes about 45 minutes. The entire hike to the Trinkeralm mountain inn is an easy hiking route and requires about 3 hours of walking time.